Electronic Fiscal Device

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What is an EFD

Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) is a device which enhances the accuracy and efficiency of tabulating the revenue figures including the VAT amounts payable to the revenue authorities. It also will retain the information in its fiscal memory for record keeping purposes. It is designed for use in business establishments for efficient management controls in areas of sales analysis and stock control system.
The Malawi government through the Malawi Revenue Authority is introducing the use of EFD’s by all VAT taxpayers in pursuit of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of Value Added Tax (VAT) administration.


Countries already using EFDs

Many countries in Europe and Africa have introduced special laws to ensure that business transactions (mainly revenue related) are recorded in EFDs and the fiscal system are very successfully implemented.
Today, tens of thousands of EFD devices are installed and in use at all kinds of businesses around the world. Some countries that have gone the Electronic Fiscal route are listed below:

  • Kenya
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Ethiopia
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Tanzania
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Zimbabwe
  • Slovakia
  • Malta
  • Zambia Hungary Brazil
  • Romania Russia Ukraine
  • The special features in Electronic Fiscal Devices

    Common security features in all fiscal devices are:

  • The EFD is sealed with fiscal seal. This seal is placed in a visible place and is a simple lead of wax seal that has to be broken in order for someone to open the case and gain access to the internals of the Electronic Fiscal Register(EFR).
  • All sensitive data such as the totals of each tax category and the total turnover for each day are permanently stored in a non-volatile PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) which is also permanently fixed inside the EFD. This memory is called fiscal memory.
  • Each EFD has a unique serial number securely written in the fiscal memory and assigned to the owner of the EFD at the time of purchasing the unit.
  • It is important to note that the fiscal memory is a universally trusted mechanism for data storage.
  • As per the VAT Act that is in place, all parties that are involved in the process of installing and operating the EFDs(Manufacture, Local Distributer, Service Technicians and End Users) should ensure that they do not leave any room for manipulating the data stored in the fiscal memory.
  • The tax authorities, therefore, can rely on the contents of the fiscal memory to assess the true tax liability of the tax payer.
  • Types of fiscal devices from Gestetner Limited

    ETR – Electronic Tax Register

    The Electronic Tax Register (ETR) is usually a standalone machine that prints on its own a retail receipt or invoice and keeps totals in a secure fiscal memory. These devices can also work as computer peripheral, accepting data input from a PC or POS system and registering totals in their fiscal memory.

    EFP – Electronic Fiscal Printer

    The Electronic Fiscal Printer (EFP) mainly runs with a Point of Sale Systems that are usually found in super markets and fast food restaurant etc. in order to cope with the queues in such places they are equipped with very high receipt printing speed.

    ESD – Electronic Signature Device

    The Electronic Signature Device (ESD) on the other hand, always works as a PC peripheral. The main difference is that text of the invoice passes through the ESD and gets a signature created by hash algorithm. The electronic signature is 40 character long and is printed as the last line of the invoice document along with some other information like the serial number and date/time.


  • ETR – Applies to businesses that issue cash receipts manually or via their cash registers.
  • EFP – Applies to businesses that issue cash sales or invoices via their Point-Of-Sale system or PC’s.
  • ESD – Applies to businesses that issue invoices, delivery notes and other financial documents via an accounting software.
  • Why Gestetner limited

    Good reasons why your EFD mut be from Gestetner Limited.

  • Gestetner Limited is an Approved Distributor of EFDs in Malawi. (Approved by Malawi Revenue Authority)
  • We have 50 years of progressive experience in marketing Business Machines and Business Solutions.
  • Our Sales and Service operations are in all three regions of the country(Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu)
  • We are one of the largest service focused organizations in Malawi
  • Marketing leaders in Business equipment and Banking solutions
  • We have highly trained professional service team (over 40 Technical Engineers) stationed country wide
  • Gesterner offers competitive prices for the quality EFD product range made in EU (Proven machines in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia)
  • You will get free user training at our training facility and at customer site.
  • Availability of MRA approved Thermal Receipt rolls at very competitive prices.
  • We give the best maintenance support country wide.
  • The Way Forward

  • Place your order with payment at any of our outlets (Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu).
  • Send your programming details with your:
    • Company Name and address
    • Copy of your taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN)
  • Machine will be programmed according to the customers requirement
  • Getstetner will provide user training and educate the customers on guidelines that need to be followed.
  • Gestetner will fiscalize the machine as per MRA guidelines and notify MRA on installation details.
  • Gestetner will provide an inspection booklet to the customer where all service details are to be recorded.
  • Win Win Situation for All Stakeholders

    To the Clients

  • Simplified preparation of VAT returns as the EFDMS accommodates sales & VAT information
  • Improved business records management Better controls
  • Business continuity despite power black-out
  • To Malawi Revenue Authority

    Improved efficiency and effectiveness of VAT Administration

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