Gestetner Queue Management Solution

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Are you facing problems like unorganized waiting areas, increased customer waiting time, increased employee idle time or frustrated customers due to unfair serving? Are you unable to monitor the performance of a branch located in a distant location; in short are you unable to create a unique customer experience which can be your competitive edge?

If so, you have come to right place as we can help solve your problem.Gestetner, Wavetec Queue Management System is designed not only to address all such problems but also helps you create an environment where your customers can feel at home even while waiting. Our solution can redefine customer experience and help you create YOUR competitive edge.

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Our solution is ideal for Banks, Telecom Service Centers, Government Institutions, Hospitals, Retail Outlets, Airlines, Embassies or any other organization which encounters heavy flow of customers. Our solution is helping some of the biggest names in the industry to help them enhance their customer experience. National Bank of Malawi and Auction Holding rely on Gestetner Wavetec for technology solutions.

Our solution is designed to help you create a service delivery environment where customers can enjoy a memorable experience resulting into the highest level of customer satisfaction, consequently increasing loyalty to your brand.

How it works

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The customer walks in and takes a ticket from our Ticket Dispensing Kiosk, for the particular service he desires. This allows a very fair process of customer service delivery.


Customer sits in a comfortable waiting area avoiding the hassle of standing in long queues. This helps the organization to minimize the actual and perceived waiting times. While waiting for their turn, customers can be exposed to various promotional messages which can be displayed on the status display unit/ LCD lobby display.


The voice calling accompanied by the blinking Counter Display Unit (CDU) and Status Display Unit (SDU) notifies the customer about his turn and consequently the customer walks to the respective counter.


The teller staff has a teller station unit which informs them about the category in which the customer needs to be served. Once the teller has finished servicing, he can press next to call the next awaiting customer.

Post Serving

Right after the customer is served, he can leave his feedback on the Customer Feedback Units (CFU) installed at the counters. CFU helps the organizations to immediately get customer feedback about their level of satisfaction.


Managers/supervisors can monitor the performance of their staff through the real time reports generated by our strong reporting engine.


Ticket Dispensing Unit (TDU) Lite
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TDU Lite is a state-of-the-art touch screen ticket dispensing machine the result of customer-centric thinking and a commitment to innovation in design and usability. TDU Lite has a bright LED backlit display inside a sleek metallic body with a brushed steel finish. The new printing technology allows faster and higher quality printing without compromising on durability.


  • It has the capability to display up to 10 categories per TDU Lite

  • It comes with pre-designed screen templates for easy personalization of graphics-rich user interface

  • It has a long life printer capable for fast, high resolution ticket printing

  • Allows easy content management through user friendly ticket designing software allowing printing of advertising messages, logos, date and time

  • Supports up to 40 categories using parallel TDU Lite setup

  • Provides multilingual ticket and display option

  • It has a LED backlit user interface

    Added Features

    eQ Notifier
    SMS/Email Notification
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    eQ Notifier integrates seamlessly with eQ Central Reporting and provides daily traffic reports and key performance statistics via SMS or email. This facility is extremely beneficial for busy managers who cannot be physically present but need to monitor key indicators for specific branches. Performance and exceptions data can be generated at the branch, regional or company level.


    How we help your Organization
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  • Fair Serving procedure

  • Organized waiting areas

  • Segregate your customers based on their request

  • Monitor Service KPIs on a real time basis

  • Monitor Customer Support Representative CSR-customer interface time and efficiency

  • Multilingual interface

  • Alerts on exceptions to SOP

    Additional revenues through advertising

    How we help your Decision makers

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  • Monitor the performance of CSR's

  • Real time KPIs of frontline employees can be monitored

  • Top management can be informed of any exceptions to SOP

  • Optimum utilization of customer support resources

  • Measure service effectiveness at every touch point

  • Building an organizational commitment to customers

  • Adapting the processes to support customer experience goals

  • Strategically manage customer experience
  • How we help your Customers

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  • Fair serving chance

  • Perceived and actual waiting time is reduced

  • Experiencing an organized customer service environment

  • Can wait in a more relaxed environment

  • Saves customers time spent in waiting

  • Customers are informed about their average waiting time

  • Over all customer experience is enhanced

  • Customers can provide feedback, right after the service

  • Multilingual interface

  • How we help your Customer Service Representatives (CSR)'s

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  • Inspires CSR's to deliver great customer experiences
  • Changing customer service representative mind set to a more customer centric approach
  • Change in processes to address customer needs
  • CSRs have to face less agitated customers
  • CSRs have a clear picture of number of waiting customers
  • CSRs know that they are being monitored, which has a positive impact on their performance
  • Service time is clocked
  • How We Facilitate your Customer Experience Management

    Our solutions are specifically designed to enhance your interactions with the customers. Our Queue Management solutions help you to increase customer loyalty and, as a result, convert them into your advocates.

    Fair Serving

    Customer experience is highly influenced by fair serving and customer centric organizations are always trying to serve their customers with all fairness. Our Queue Management solutions help you to serve your customers in the order they arrive. A fair serving environment has an extremely positive effect on customer experience.

    Managed & Categorized Queues

    Managed queues help organizations to enhance customer experience and develop positive associations with the brand. Our highly intelligent technologies allow you to manage your queues in the most efficient manner. Wavetec brings to you an exceptionally customizable technology which allows you to categorize your queues according to various services. We offer a ticketing technology and a non-ticketing technology when it comes to managing your queues.

    Organized Waiting Area

    In order to ensure a highly positive customer experience, organizations are bound to provide their customers with organized waiting areas. Wavetec CEM solutions allow you to organize your waiting areas in the best possible manner to suit the requirements of your customers. We provide information which can help you identify the busiest times at your branch enabling you to allocate you resources accordingly. Such steps help you avoid a chaotic situation and improve your customer experience.

    Reduced Waiting Time

    Our CEM solutions are meant to reduce actual and perceived waiting times through various customer engagement offerings. Wavetec CEM solutions have unique customer engagement capabilities which ensure that the customers enjoy their waiting time.

    Knowledge Equipped Employees

    Through our CEM solutions, we can help you convert your tellers into sellers. The frontline employee, who is serving the customer, is the single most important influencing factor in the entire customer experience. Our CEM solutions can help you strengthen your employee knowledge by providing them sufficient data about the customer, before starting the service delivery process.

    Optimum Allocation of Resources

    It would be a disaster for a customer if he has a complaint regarding voice mail and he is served by an employee who is an expert at solving billing issues. To avoid such situations, organizations need to identify the strengths of the customer service employees and utilize them in the most optimum manner. Wavetec CEM solutions provide you with data which makes it very easy for you to understand the strengths of any employee. Our CEM solutions help you ensure that the right customer is being served by the right resource.

    Real-Time Reporting

    Wavetec CEM solutions have the capability to provide you with data which can take your decision making process to an entirely new level. Our CEM solutions give you real-time reports about the performance of a particular branch which can be drilled down to the performance of an individual counter or an individual employee. Our strong reporting engine allows you to customize your reports according to your needs. All this data is available to you on a real-time basis which ensures that, if required, any corrective measures can be taken without any delay.

    Measuring Performance Quality

    The essence of customer experience management (CEM) lies in the fact that customers tell the organization, themselves, that they have had an extra ordinary experience. Wavetec offers a feature which allows you to measure your service quality through its Customer Feedback Unit. This feature allows organizations to cross check the performance of their employees and at the same time gauge the customer satisfaction levels.

    Helping you make better decisions

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    Wavetecs Electronic Queue Management System is equipped with a powerful reporting engine which allows decision makers to take well informed decisions. This reporting software helps managers and top level executives to manage the workflow in their customer service branches through business intelligence data such as Average waiting time, exact number of waiting customers, frontline employees idle time and many more key performance indicators.

    Branch Reporting
  • Can be summarized over 5 different time-periods (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.)
  • Summary Reports: provide a snapshot of service performance at the branch
  • Category Reports: provide information about customer flow in each service category
  • Operator Reports: provide information about operator performance for the branch
  • Exception Reports: compare branch performance against service KPIs for wait-time, service-time and seating capacity
    Central Reporting
  • Web Based reports, can be accessed from any location
  • Compare performance over all branches
    Services Reports
  • Include Matter Code reports if they are enabled
  • These reports present information about sub-categories used in the system
    SQL Reports
  • Provide exceptions with a threshold limit
  • Service Quality Level Reports provide information about the percentage of customers served within the target time
    Connectivity Status Reports
  • Reports about the parser connectivity with the branches.
  • Presents information about connectivity of branch Active Controller with the Central Server.
  • For more information please contact us on: 0212- 700- 700

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