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I AM THE NCR SelfServ 22e, Compact interior freestanding cash dispenser

The NCR SelfServ 22e provides the perfect cash dispense ATM solution for any inside ATM. Whether in bank branches or in off premise locations, the intuitively designed NCR SelfServ 22e will attract customers and handle even the highest transaction volumes. With its compact footprint, the inside ATM provides maximum placement flexibility to deliver transactions to consumers where and when they need them.

With unique security features, the SelfServ 22e radically reduces operational risk and increases customer satisfaction. Its the only ATM to offer protected USB architecture, a recessed PIN pad for additional PIN security and a dispenser fully enclosed within the safe.

The SelfServ 22e s high energy efficiency drives down the total cost of ownership. With less cabling, LED lighting and a 50% reduction in energy consumption thanks to unique processor architecture, its one of the most energy efficient inside ATMs on the market.

Connect your customers to their cash

Whether in bank branches or in off premise locations, the SelfServ 22e is designed to deliver cash to your customers simply, securely and reliably. Ideal for any indoor area, the SelfServ 22e has a compact footprint making it easy to place in locations where you can serve your customers best. Even when those locations are busy the SelfServ 22e will continue to dispense cash because its been designed to handle the highest of transaction volumes.

Proactively fixes itself

Keep your ATMs up and running, offering your customers the transactions they want, when and where they need them. NCRs express recovery and self healing technology reduces downtime from hours to minutes making your ATMs available around the clock.

Keeps you informed

Successful network management is about having the right information at your fingertips. NCR SelfServ ATMs provide data in real time on configurations, software versions and the activity levels of each module. So you can see, understand and control your entire network and make more empowered decisions.

Inspire trust in your ATM network

Our SelfServ ATMs are designed to defend against known and unknown fraud attacks, even before they start. Ask us about our multi layered approach to ATM security including logical and physical solutions. For example Solidcore Suite for APTRA protects against the execution of unauthorised code on your ATM network and our Skimming Protection Solution protects cardholder data from card skimming attacks.

Key Features

  • Fully recessed PCI compliant Encrypting PIN Pad
  • Intuitive low power media entry and exit indicators
  • High-capacity, spray dispenser
  • 15inch LCD with touchscreen option
  • Card reader with built-in fraud prevention
  • Range of Intel cores
  • Technical specifications


  • HEIGHT 1,412mm
  • WIDTH 450mm
  • - BH front access safe 29.7 (754mm) - CEN 1 front access safe 30.8 (784mm) - CEN 1 rear access safe 38.5 (978mm)
  • - BH front access safe 595lbs (270Kg) - CEN 1 front access safe 1,146lbs (520Kg) - CEN 1 rear access safe 1,235lbs (560kg)

  • Display Choice of 15 LCD color with 8 FDKs or 15 LCD touchscreen, XGA with autoscaling, optional privacy filter, sunlight readable displays
  • Keyboard Full recessed EPP (PCI compliant), polycarbonate or stainless stee
  • Card Reader Smart Dip, Smart IMCRW, CROPF and/or System Escape, HiCo
  • Optional Integrated Media Entry and Exit Indicators (MEEI)
  • Audio Optional high quality public audio and/or sound jack with volume control
  • Barcode Reader 2D Barcode supports both 1D and 2D documents

  • 2 or 4 cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability

  • Receipt Printer 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer. Options retract and capture, dual roll and/or 2ST (two sided thermal printing)
  • Journal Printer 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer (E Journal available as default)

  • NCR Secure is a complete portfolio of multi layered solutions and services designed to provide protection against ATM attacks. Including a range of physical enclosures, recessed PIN Pad and Solidcore software security to protect your network. Humidity : 10% to 100%

  • Dial-up, TCP/IP, Leased line, Wireless communications-enabled, Integrated Ethernet

  • Temperature: 50F to 104F (10C to 40C)
  • Humidity: 20% to 80%
  • Acoustics: Sound power 65db (A) idle, 68db (A) operating

  • A range of Intel Processors
  • 2GB or 4GB RAM
  • 250GB hard drive
  • DVD RW drive


  • Windows 7
  • NCR APTRA software
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