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Mobile, Online Banking

Mobile and Online Banking are rapidly becoming a key component in the mix of channels that a banking institution offers its customers, enabling “anytime and anywhere” connectivity and the ability to create a real-time, personalized experience. NCR provides an easy-to-use and secure experience for both you and your customers where convenience is key.

NCR APTRA Online Banking Gateway is the best way to provide an easy-to-use, convenient and secure internet banking experience for you and your customers. Whether they’re personal clients, small businesses or large corporations, nowadays geographical location plays a smaller role in how your customers choose their banking services provider. What counts most with them is convenience and "anytime, anywhere" internet banking that is fast to respond to their needs

NCR Online Banking Solutions allows you to exceed your customers’ expectations, offering them exactly what they want, when they want it. With NCR as your trusted partner for online banking, you cannot only offer the best in online banking but also strengthen your multi-channel strategy, ensure optimum customer loyalty, attract new customers and maximize cross-selling opportunities

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NCR APTRA Mobile Banking Gateway

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With over 10 million users in the U.S., mobile banking solutions are rapidly becoming a critical component in the multi-channel mix. It enables “anytime and anywhere” connectivity with your customers, and, more importantly, it has the ability to create a real-time personalized experience for them. NCR APTRA™ Mobile Banking Gateway provides your customers with an experience that’s easy to use, and mobile banking solutions for you that are worry-free, cost-effective, protects your brand and technology investment and makes you stand out from your competitors

There’s no need to worry about which handset your customers are using. NCR APTRA Mobile Banking Gateway delivers mobile banking service in three commonly used modes, all with a single implementation, helping you to reach all your customers, eliminating any consumer technology barriers.

Due to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach NCR APTRA Mobile Banking Gateway provides you with the secure infrastructure you need, along with compelling operational benefits such as speed to market, no up-front capital investment, flexibility to scale the solution as the number of mobile banking users increase and a streamlined deployment process Easy to Use & Compact.

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Cash Management Solutions

NCR APTRA Cash Management Solutions enable banks to achieve the right balance of cash in branches and throughout a bank’s ATM network to meet customer demand while avoiding holding excess of cash that could be invested elsewhere.

Through a sophisticated, three-tiered approach of forecasting, optimization, and automation, APTRA Cash Management Solutions positively impacts all factors related to cash management, including forecasting, cost balancing, ordering, monitoring, expense tracking and more.


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NCR APTRA OptiCash is an advanced cash management solution that predicts the demand for currency at each cash point on an individual basis. By applying sophisticated mathematical algorithms to historical, event and cost data, the optimum cash position and delivery schedule for each cashpoint is determined.

Past demand, holidays, local and national events, and current trends (i.e. interest rates) are among the variable data analyzed. APTRA OptiCash then provides order recommendations, which are optimized to provide the best service levels for cash delivery at the lowest possible cost. APTRA OptiCash is the foundation of NCR’s APTRA cash management solutions.

What are the benefits?
  • Precision network analysis for each individual cash point.
  • Pre-emptive alerts to prevent cash outages.
  • Improved consumer service.
  • Reduced cash requirements and cash deliveries resulting in over reduction in cost.
  • Seamless integration with existing bank systems and networks

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    NCR APTRA OptiVault

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    NCR APTRA OptiVault is a vault consolidation application that optimizes currency and coin ordering and clearing for bank money rooms and carrier vaults. APTRA OptiVault fully complements the APTRA OptiCash cash management system. Like APTRA OptiCash, APTRA OptiVault uses historical bank, ATM and commercial cash demand data to forecast future currency needs. APTRA OptiVault takes into account seasonal fluctuations, calendars, events, and many other trends that influence demand for cash at the vault or money room.

    What are the benefits?
  • Optimize costs without sacrificing quality
  • Delivers a bank-wide or network-wide view of overall currency requirements, while taking changing trends and local variations into account.
  • Enables the reduction of vault cash holdings to the most efficient level required to meet total demand
  • Reduces risk by assisting with the avoidance of cross-shipping peranties
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    NCR APTRA OptiVLM is a modular web application that allows financial institutions to track cash ordering information from a variety of sources, including ATMs, branches, the Central Bank, commercial customers, and other banks and external vaults. Designed to easily integrate with any cash management system, APTRA OptiVLM provides a complete view of your cash ordering position and can be customized to address the unique requirements of your financial institution

    What are the benefits?
  • Provides order status for all cash sources
  • Integrates multiple order input mechanisms
  • Enables measurement of carrier compliance to SLAs
  • Invoice validation
  • Commercial customer charges
  • Commercial customer ordering and cash deposits pre-notification
  • Carrier order download and confirmation
  • Interfaces with other vendors’ currency management systems
  • status updates and trace cash movements
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    NCR APTRA OptimizeCF

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    NCR APTRA OptimizeCF is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution that provides access to all of the features of NCR APTRA Cash Management technology without requiring an extensive IT investment. NCR provides the necessary secure physical infrastructure, ensuring that all regulatory requirements and policies are followed for the hosted solution. For users who want to benefit from a cash management solution but don’t have the resources to dedicate to an in-house system, APTRA OptimizeCF is the answer.

    What are the benefits?
  • Optimized cash management throughout the entire supply chain
  • Configuration and daily tasks required by banking staff to maintain the system are significantly reduced so users can concentrate on cash management rather than IT infrastructure
  • No IT infrastructure changes are required
  • Rapid deployment

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    NCR APTRA OptiNet

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    NCR APTRA OptiNet provides a web-based front end to APTRA OptiCash, offering full access to the OptiCash system for users not directly connected to the bank or ATM operator’s network. APTRA OptiNet works in tandem with APTRA OptiCash to provide remote users with access to forecasting and historical data and tools for automated branch cash ordering. It is also capable of showing each branch their vault and ATM needs and represents all of this information in an easily understood graphic interface.

    What are the benefits?
  • Avoid cash outages by proactive generation of emergency orders when demand becomes unexpectedly high at a particular cashpoint.
  • Empowered decision making when ordering and returning cash for every cashpoint
  • Improved and faster responses to new circumstances reducing the cost of maintaining optimum cash levels in the network
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    Enterprise Management

    With todays banking environment depending more than ever on convenience and trust, there is no room for compromise when it comes to securing your self-service channel. The self-service industry needs a new, tailored approach to enterprise management that addresses all potential threats (known or unknown) and also protects against the growing problem of non-compliance

    INETCO Insight

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    INETCO Insight® is a highly scalable self-service management and monitoring solution that combines transaction profiling capabilities, application performance analytics and end-user experience monitoring for a holistic view into complex, high volume self-service network environments.

    By quickly isolating the root cause of transaction performance issues, INETCO Insight will provide easy access to the real-time transaction intelligence you need to improve operating efficiency, increase service reliability and optimize the performance of all your self-service banking applications, while achieving the ultimate goal of high customer satisfaction.

    Let INETCO Insight help you:

  • Maintain consistent levels of service by monitoring and gaining multiple points of visibility along end-to-end transaction paths
  • Capture real-time performance metrics that accelerate problem isolation
  • Implement transaction-level monitoring to compliment your ATM monitoring system
  • Optimize application performance
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    NCR APTRA Vision

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    NCR APTRA Vision is multi-vendor self-service ATM management system that puts operational performance into context with what really counts—consumer experience. With a complete and accurate view of your self-service network, APTRA Vision will help you to successfully manage your business and plan for future development.

    Improved operational performance does not necessarily create improved consumer experience, but APTRA Vision’s graphical dashboard unlocks the information needed to help you optimize both of these key metrics. This system wide vision enables faster and more accurate decision making, leading to better timed and directed action.

    NCR APTRA Vision, improves network availability and in so doing, drives better consumer service, attraction and retention therefore improving revenue generation, while reducing costs and improving ROI.

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