Deposit ATMs

Multi-function and Intelligent Deposit ATMs

Both cash and check deposits, together with payment transactions, now represents the bulk of activity that continues to be carried out at a branch counter. NCR multi-function and intelligent deposit ATMs help migrate quick exchanges to your ATMs and free up your bank tellers to provide superior customer service and engage new clients. NCR multi-function and intelligent deposit ATMs can offer customers and non-customers transactions like foreign exchange, loan repayment, check cashing and processing and bill payment at inside, outside or driveup ATMs. Not only will bank customers enjoy more choice, availability and convenience, but financial institutions can increase their revenue from transactions, reduce operational costs and maximize their staff resources

Cash Dispenser ATMs

NCR is universally acknowledged as the global leader in banking self-service solutions with more than 24 consecutive years as the global number one manufacturer of ATMs. This success has been achieved through continuous technology innovation and a strong commitment to understanding the present and future needs of our customers and consumers. NCR provides the only ATM and Branch Transformation Solutions endorsed by the American Bankers Association through its subsidiary, the Corporation for American Banking