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Security Document Printing

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Security Document Printing Overview

NCR Office Equipment Company in conjunction with NCR Systemedia has an established and accredited Security Documents personalisation facility in Malawi since October 2002.

The facility provides local financial institutions MICR encoded personalised cheques within 24 hours.

Personalised Cheques comes in different formats Flow wrapped Books:

  • Personal Cheques
  • Corporate Cheques 1 up and 2 to view.
  • Government cheques
  • Bankers Cheques
  • Dividend Cheques

  • Other security printing products like Top-up Vouchers and share certificates have also been produced

    All security documents are designed by NCR Systemedia to the customers specifications. All financial documents are wholly compliant with the current standards of the National Payments Council.

    Production Facilities

  • The bureau service occupies a relatively small area. This area is wholly secured and is located within Gestetner Building - Blantyre.
  • All storage areas for base stock are also wholly secured. Base stock and all other raw materials are treated as cash equivalent.
  • Secured premises are composed of :

    -Electronic and physical access controls;

    -Strip down search facility;

    -Electronic stock monitoring records.

    -The stock monitoring records are submitted to the customer on a regular to be agreed upon basis for independent verification.

    -CCTV Recordings.

    -Bullet Proof Windows.

  • We are certified by the Standards Committee of National Payments Council (NPC) of Malawi

  • Production Methodology

  • NCR Malawi keeps the base stock in a continuous format for each customer.
  • Order by the customer are ENCRYPTED and transmit electronically to the NCR Bureau Service.
  • NCR Bureau Service downloads and DECRYPT the data into the system which will personalise the Security document and encode it.
  • The security document will then be passed through a cutter / stitching & flow wrap machine for finalisation.(Optional)
  • The orders are delivered to respective institutions head offices within Blantyre by 5.00pm the next day.

    * A majority of the processes are PC Based automated and secure. It is therefore very difficult to encounter human interference errors.

    Back up Plant

  • We have a FULLY SECURED backup of the plant in Limbe, in case of any Natural Disaster. Address as follows:
  • Access communications Ltd
    Accord centre,

  • Environment:
  • Enough space to work.

  • Protection:
  • Protected by automated fire protection system using Energem Gas.

  • Power Supply:
  • 180 KVA Generator to support for 1 week power supply for the office in case of power Cuts from Escom.


  • Stock holding costs are substantially reduced as the institution only orders what is required on daily basis vis a vis quarterly half yearly at present time. So, No stock holding cost.

  • Plant is capable of producing any amount of quantity required per shift. There are 2 plants one for standby purposes in case of failure.
  • The institutions exposure to holding stock is minimised, thereby there is a direct reduction in fraud and misuse
  • Support of local industry and employment Only order the Cheques as you get request from the customer Order24 Hour turnaround timeLocal supplier easy to talk to Dont worry about imports procedures and long lead times
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing your requirements substantial management time can be saved GUARANTEED LOWER COST FOR A SUPERIOR PRODUCT

    Standard Security Features on Cheques Recommended

  • Paper CBS195 GSM White (with NCR Watermark paper)
  • Ultra Violet printing
  • Microline
  • Solvernt sensitive (background color)
  • Free Cheque ordering Software

    We will supply Cheque Ordering software for free for the bank to be able to capture all the required information for the customer and send us in the required format for us to be able to print and deliver in 24 Hours.