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Photocopy Bureau Service

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Whether you are producing a proposal, presentation, training manual, project report, line drawing or getting a simple clean copy of your passport, Count on Gestetner Copy Bureau Service!
Backed by a core team of experts with more than two decades of experience and expertise in the Reprographic Industry, we bring a new dimension of quality and care.
Our four Copy Bureau centres located in Blantyre; Lilongwe and Mzuzu are ideal for smaller and large print/copy runs. As the only accredited security printing services in Malawi we can provide you with any kind of security printing and photocoping requirements with customer satisfaction


  • Save Production Costs!
  • Receive Personalized Attention!
  • Find Complete Reprographic Solutions!

  • Gestetner Copy Bureau Service Offer you:

    Full Color & Black & White Printing

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    As technology progresses and is proven, we have moved with it in order to bring these benefits to our clients. We are able to integrate our services more completely with the latest digital technologies. This enables us to provide you with the best with ever greater ease.
    Our custom proofing system insures that our customers receive exactly what they expect - the greatest return on their investment with service and quality that is unmatched.

    Full Color & Black & White Photocoping

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    The range of copy services that we provide is from basic B&W high-speed copying to full colour laser printing. Gestetner copy bureau services continues to develop it's core services to meet the ever-changing need for efficient and cost effective document management.
    Now there's nothing stopping you from adding the power of COLOUR to your documents. Each of our colour laser copiers is equipped with added features such as reduction, enlargement, mirror, image deletion, etc.


    Binding is a general term for any of various methods of securing or binding together the loose pages or sections of a book or booklet using stitching, staples, wire, plastic, tape, or glue. Binds are available in a variety of spines and cover stocks. A bind may be covered in vinyl (clear front with colored opaque back) or card stock in many different colors. Gestetner copy bureau offers a wide assortment of over-the-counter binding services for your creative projects or finishing job orders printed on a press or copied on a high volume copier.

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    Plastic Comb Binding

    Plastic binding is one of the most popular binding styles. They are available in a variety of colors and diameters offering utmost flexibility with the ease of adding or deleting pages simply by rebinding the book. PLASTIC COIL BINDING Spiral plastic coil binding is a continuous PVC filament formed into the shape of a spring (coil). Spiral coil is spun or threaded, along the punch holes into the document.

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    Unibind binding system is a modern and unique approach to the hot-melt binding method that solves most of the problems associated with traditional hot-melt binding technology.

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    Themal Binding

    Similar to a paperback book, a piece of sturdy cloth tape is used to bind the document along the left margin, forming a spine. Slim profile, hence perfect for storing & mailing.

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    Laminating is an effective way to protect a printed product from deterioration. Your final product can be flexible, stiff and heavy by using a variety of available films.
    Gestetner copy bureau continues to provide quality lamination service that is responsive to the needs of our customers. Total job management from quotation to delivery is what we offer our customers. Call us with your next laminating project and experience what our customers have.